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Environment & Sustainability

At the Sea Natives Surf Camp, we love being in touch with nature - that’s why we care about the environment and issues of sustainability.

  • The center of Portugal, where our camp is located, has the perfect climate for growing good and nutritious food. Therefore, we’re sourcing a big part of our fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and eggs from local suppliers.

  • We love recycling! The majority of our surf camp furniture and all of our tent and camp decorations are made from recycled wood, antique furniture and beach cleaning treasures.This way we can contribute to a healthier environment and create a unique, hand-made space for relaxation and happiness. Welcome to our little paradise!

  • To encourage a conscious lifestyle, we offer a variety of plant based products, different kinds of milk for breakfast, for example. Most of our dinner recipes are vegan as well, with dairy and meat options for those who like them.

  • We have the luxury of a beach in walking distance - to make perfect use of that for our surf lessons, we have a custom made surf cart. This helps us transport our boards to the beach in a non-polluting way.

  • The sun is a great source of power - also for our camp! Our solar lights around the surf camp make use of the sun’s energy to create a cozy atmosphere. This way, we reduce our power usage and work with what nature provides.

  • To make sure that all our trash takes the right path, we set up a recycling station at the entrance of our camp. Glass, plastic or natural waste - everything finds its place there.

  • Reusable water bottles welcome! To reduce plastic waste, our guest kitchen has a water dispenser which filters the water at the same time. Don’t have your own reusable water bottle? Get your very own at our camp bar!

  • Travelling always causes emissions of some kind - to keep these to a minimum, we try organizing our shuttles from and to Porto airport as efficiently as possible.

  • One of our favourite kids animation activities: Beach Clean-Ups! While the adults are enjoying their surf lessons, our nannies are taking good care of the small ones. Next to beach games and collecting sea shells for crafting, we make a point of regularly collecting trash that gets washed up on the shore. This way, the next generation has a chance to develop an intuition about environmentally friendly behaviour.

  • Praia da Tocha is very conscious about sustainability. Our little village and its beach have the “bandeira azul” (the Blue Flag) - an international sign for clean beaches and high water quality. The village regularly organizes events to keep our beach clean and raise awareness for sustainability issues.


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