Founder, Handyman & Surf coach from the UK


Founder, Manager & Yoga Instructor from Germany


Camp Toddler, born in Portugal!


Bookings & communication girl from Portugal


Chef & Skateboard Pro from Belgium


Host and Camp All-Rounder from the UK


Surf Coach from Germany


Bar Manager and Camp All-Rounder from The Netherlands


Photography and Multimedia Manager from Germany

Meet the Team

We are a small surf camp founded by an international tribe of friends with different backgrounds. Our mission is to create a place we call home and a community we call family.

Our inspiration?

Living a happy simple life by the ocean. We call it oceanity: Wake up with the sound of the waves every single day, share as many smiles as we can, and make our happy way on this beautiful planet with all the respect it deserves.

The founders, Sam and Julia, came to the North of Portugal in 2018 for the birth of their daughter Nia and fell in love with the lush nature, the uncrowded beaches and the friendliness of the Northern Portuguese people. 

Welcome to their home, your holiday destination, our paradise.

Our Story