Holidays for single parents

Travelling with your kid(s) being a single parent can be intimidating and exhausting. Your little ones want full-time entertainment and you want to relax, while having some quality family time all the same.

Our family surf camp is shaped exactly to these needs:

  • Our accommodations and facilities offer everything you need to make yourself feel at home at once

  • We offer daily nanny services and kids animation, so you can get to surf, do yoga or just relax by yourself

  • There are lots of family activities for you and your kid(s) to join together, no matter what age

  • Arrive and meet other families, parents and kids from all over the world.

  • Our full-time surf camp crew is available for you if you need help, support or have questions

Lots of our surf camp guests are single parents or travelling without a partner, so you’ll be in good company - happy holidays for happier parents, happier kids and happier families.