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Night Life at the Surf Camp

After sunset we’ll meet around the campfire to end the surf day together with music, drinks and cheerful vibes. You'll also have the opportunity to go out and explore Praia da Tocha with its Portuguese night life: In town, there is a traditional local bar called 'Piolho' where you can chill, relax and have a nice beer. Also there is the 'Love' bar which occasionally hosts dance parties. During high season, lots of events are organised in town where you can enjoy local bands playing live music during the weekends.

Have a cool drink at the bar, listen to some live music, relax in a hammock, have some nice conversations or enjoy the sunset on the beach - the choice is yours!

The shared space and the light-hearted vibe of the surf camp are making it easy to connect to new people. Throughout the week we also organise different activities, which give you the chance to get to know your fellow surfers even better.


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