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Can I arrive/stay 1 day earlier/longer in Main Season?

Our seasons are split into Low and Main Season:

Low Season:

June 3rd - June 30th

September 8th - October 7th

Main Season:

July 1st - September 8th

In Low Season, arrivals and departures can be planned for any day of the week.

During our Main Season, however, Saturday is the only possible day for arriving and departing. It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect flight to arrive on time - for some people, the perfect flight is one day too early or too late.

In Low Season, you can usually come a night earlier or later if that suits you better. In Main Season, on the other hand, this is unfortunately not an option because Saturday is our only day for arriving and departing.

If you arrive a day earlier or depart a day later, it is to explore one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world, Porto. You can find lots of places on AirBnB or Booking etc..where it is possible to stay for 1 night


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